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The Negro Justice League: A Black Nerd Podcast

Welcome to The NJL: A Black Nerd Podcast. We are a group of geeks, nerds, and dweebs here to discuss what matters to you! 

Each episode is different. We cover comics, movies, and TV shows and address social issues from a unique perspective. If you're into The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter or anything considered "nerdy" this is the show for you.

Feb 19, 2017

- HBD to MBJ!
- Creed 2 changes
- Black Lightening on CW
- Dear White People controversy
- Iron Fists trailer
- Rosario interested in Star Wars
- Castlevania coming to Netflix
- Samurai Jack coming back
- DISCUSSION: Split and Chewing Gum 

Benjamin Brock
almost three years ago

Interesting take about the girl actually being behind it all and James McAvoy's character being a figment of her thoughts or whatever, but how would that have even been possible? Like, how would she have been able to lock all three of them in that room with the other two girls still responding to McAvoy's character like that?